Ransom your tree

Ransom a tree or a forest block to help protect the rain-forests – to promote awareness – to keep endangered species safe – to capture carbon – to provide essential medicine and natural resources in balance…

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We are living in an age of chaos. The world is out of order and we have been trashing the environment for decades. Big business and  politics have created tremendous  inequalities and imbalance. And there are no quick fix solutions. But there are some basic ideas that can help keep us from passing critical tipping points and maybe, just maybe we can still tilt the game back some.

KAYON is a project that ransoms trees to keep them growing as habitats and forests. Working with the forest managers, each tree that is ransomed is kept safe from logging and will continue to carry out its special function as an intrinsic part of the forest and a home for other plants and animals.

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Each Tree Matters

Forests and their trees have a key role in making this world the kind of place where we want to live. Apart from being the oldest living thing on dry land, trees provide habitat for many plants, animals, insects and microbes. They clean and filter air and water. Create environments for natural medicines, many of which are used in modern pharmacy. And they are one of the most important sources for biodiversity on the planet.

For KAYON, each tree matters. There are approximately 3 billion trees left on earth, slightly more than half of original stock. Most of what is gone is from resource hunting, land clearing for agriculture and illegal logging. Rainforests can quickly go up in smoke or be turned into match sticks, toilet paper and pulp. Some is turned to good use in manufacturing and building but without due consideration to the whole or a global plan for conservation or balance.

Climate Pirates

We help to ransom trees from some of the worlds most endangered rain-forests. And by ransoming trees we are helping communities, saving habitats and saving endangered species.